Barn Cat Program Adoption Fee

Barn Cat Program Adoption Fee


The adoption fee covers the cost of vetting your new barn cat.



The purpose of the FCPGA Barn Cat Program is to find homes for adult cats that are difficult to place as an indoor pet. These are typically stray cats that are either feral, semi-feral, or loosely owned and have had limited (if any) contact with humans.  These cats are not suited for life in neighborhoods.

Through the program, stray/outdoor, adult cats are relocated from unsafe environments to agricultural properties, barns, warehouses, or workshops.  We look for situations where they will be cared for. These hard working, pest reducing cats naturally help control the rodent population while they enjoy the freedom of outdoor sheltered life with as little or as much human contact as they desire. They love their job, and they’ll learn to love you, but on their own terms.

Prior to adoption, all potential barn cats are:

  • Spayed/neutered (altered)
  • Vaccinated for rabies
  • Ear tipped (the universal sign for an altered feral cat)

Adoption Fee: $60 for each cat
The adoption fee covers the cost of vetting your new barn cat.

Questions? Please contact us via email at [email protected].

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